There’s a girl I know from high school who likes to eat bugs. No, that’s not true. She LOVES to eat bugs. Doesn’t matter what kind — spiders, flies, scorpions — she’ll eat them until they’re coming out of her nose (sometimes literally. I should know, I’ve seen it).

She said she got a taste for them after a rather vicious game of Truth or Dare. She’d chosen Truth initially but changed to Dare when Sadie Jonson (you remember Sadie? The girl who was carried away by fire ants in senior year?) asked if she’d let Davey Savage peek up her skirt during recess.

Anyway, this girl was dared to eat bugs, but not just any bugs. Sadie wanted them to be fresh and bountiful and had her little posse hunt the garden, rounding up every last creepy crawly they could find. None of them thought for a minute the girl would go through with it, thought she’d just admit to flashing her panties at Davey so they could call her names and make her life hell through the next year.

The girl, she looked down into that tub at the squirming, crawling, scuttling mass within, and her stomach growled with a hunger so intense it was as though the organ would tear itself out of her abdomen and gorge on the chitinous flesh. And so she ate.

Shoving handful after handful of insects into her maw, she felt their tiny legs crawl down her throat, over her lips and tongue. Their bodies popped between her teeth, filling her mouth with moist, succulent juices. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets in unbridled ecstasy. Sadie and her miscreant friends, worried that this expression of sheer delight was a sign of poisoning, fled, not wanting to get in trouble. From what I hear, they never spoke of it again (except for Sadie, and we know what happened to her).

Of course, I didn’t know the girl then. Our paths wouldn’t cross for another year when I found her down by the creek, licking ants from a stick the way the chimpanzees do on Discovery. She didn’t seem bothered that I’d stumbled upon what would have been a shameful and private act for anyone else. In fact, she offered me the stick the way you might allow someone to taste an ice cream and I can’t deny that I was tempted. Who am I to judge someone with bizarre gastronomic tastes when my own aren’t exactly kosher?

We got to talking and I hinted that I knew a place where bugs were plentiful if that was your guilty pleasure, confessed it was where I enjoyed a nibble or two. I can’t remember which of us suggested we meet there the following day but I do know we’ve never looked back since.

She loves the worms and the maggots down at the graveyard. It’s safe to say they’re her favourites.

And when she’s done with them, that leaves the withering flesh all for me.

7 thoughts on “Thirteen Week Streak – Week Eleven: Entomophagy and Other Pastimes

  1. Finding someone you can truly be yourself with is what we all want in this life. I loved the little twist at the end, Chris! And the description of her eating bugs was delightful creepy!

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