Wow, look at this place. It’s so…dusty and neglected. I can’t believe I spent so long away.

Suppose I should start with Happy New Year, Everybody!

Right, now that’s out of the way, here’s the thing. I’ve spent the last year trying to find focus: on my writing, on my time management, on a whole heap of things. I’ve been out there testing the mind-boggling realms of social media (see time management) and interacting with many of you on various other sites and I’ve come to realise that this here, this is my home. This is the place where it all started and so, if you’ll have me back, I’m proud to be here.

I can’t guarantee I’ll post as often as I used to, but I will post, probably on a monthly basis for now. I have high hopes for 2016, if certain people can restrain themselves a little longer and not let loose a global apocalypse — you know who you are. So buckle up and stay tuned for new announcements here and on The Sarcastic Muse.

On that note, you may want to get yourselves over there too. We’ve just released a free writing tracker for 2016 to help with those word count goals.

7 thoughts on “New Year, New Me? Yeah, Right!

  1. I think you’re doing well, keeping everyone else’s spirits up during Nano, doing your own writing, attending write ins, facebook groups and all the rest of it – I’m not actually sure how you would find time to post on all these other places as well. I’ve been debating starting my old blog back up… but think I may actually go with a new one for a new year and a new me x Excited to see how you get on over the year x (and thanks for sharing the trackers – very handy) x

      1. Yes definitely! It’s given me a massive boost in my writing stats, and the push I needed to complete nano again x I have even taken the plunge and shared a little bit with a friend (who is taking a Creative Writing MA at the moment) and asked her for feedback since my Creative Writing finished in Uni… It seems that Nano has thrown everything I have learned out of the window though, in the hope of just getting things down. So I have some major editing ahead x

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