How to Operate Your Writer

The Sarcastic Muse

How to Operate Your WriterCongratulations on acquiring the exceptional Your Writer, Model S/O (significant other), with the latest, upgraded Writing Mode. Please read these instructions in their entirety before engaging Writing Mode on Your Writer. Failure to understand and obey these instructions will result in malfunction and/or increased maintenance.

Function: Writing Mode

Your Writer, Model S/O, comes with the latest Writing Mode system. This system must be continually updated through reading and on-going learning. Your Writer should complete these upgrades and updates automatically. If not, you should consider sending Your Writer to a writers conference for adjustment.

While engaged in Writing Mode, Your Writer may become hostile to interference, interruption, and attempts at conversation. Remember, Writing Mode uses ALL system resources. Should said events continue, Your Writer may exhibit extreme ire or shut down completely. To correct, back out of the room swiftly, taking all living creatures with you, and close the door…

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