Flash Fiction Friday


By Thomas Buchannan, aged 7 ¾

Theres a monster that lives in my wardrobe. I can see it when my dad switches out the light at bedtime. Its ugly, and it smells, and it has a big fat nose just like my sister, but its not my sister, its a monster. Its still small but it keeps telling me that when it gets bigger it will come out and eat me. I don’t want it to eat me.

I told my dad about it and he did that thing where he rolls his eyes and breathes funny. He told me to go back to bed but I didnt. I just screamed until he said alright alright Ill check in the wardrobe for you but you better go to bed after, and I said okay.

It wasnt there when he looked. I think it was hiding under my football kit. I told dad to hit it with the baseball bat, but dad told me not to be so stupid and to go to sleep, then he turned the light off and went back to his bedroom. My mum asked him if I was okay and dad said hes just having a nightmare, but I wasnt. I didnt go to sleep in case the monster ate me.

It was in my wardrobe again last night. I saw it peeking at me through the gap in the door. It was more bigger than last time. I told my dad but he said that I was just being silly cause there are no such things as monsters, and I said but there is dad look, and he said get back into bed and go to sleep I have to be up early for work. He always has to be up early for work. I didnt want him to go but he got cross and shouted at me and then he turned off the light.

The monster opened the wardrobe door and it smiled at me. It had sharp teeth that made me scared. I asked if it still wanted to eat me, and it said yes, and I said why don’t you eat my sister instead shes older and more bigger. It told me to shush and that it was going to eat me because it liked boys best. I wish my dad would believe me about the monster.

I saw it this morning while I was getting ready for school. It was a lot more bigger and it was laughing and dripping its stinky slime on my shoes. I shouted at it to stop laughing but it didnt. It said it was big enough to come out tonight.

I don’t want to go back home.

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday

    1. Thank you. It was difficult to find the right voice for a seven year old and the spelling/punctuation mistakes were harder still. I wanted the story to read like a child would have written it but also to make sure it was readable.

  1. I still love this. It is humorous yet terrifying at the same time.
    Good job, Chris. So this is what your writing looks like before you send it to your editor… 🙂

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