Flash Fiction Friday – Half-Baked

Daisy sipped her cooling tea and read the yellow sticky note again.

Warning! This recipe was imparted by creatures of the sulphurous pits. Baking this may result in the release of a demon from the seventh hell. Also may contain nuts.

She considered this.

The note had been tucked between the pages of Nigella’s How to be a Domestic Goddess that Daisy had bought for a pound from the British Heart Foundation. Her first thought had been to avoid the recipe in question. The problem was that she didn’t know which one it related to, the note having fallen onto the marble worktop as she’d flipped through the book. She had a strong suspicion that it was the apple-syrup upside-down pie but couldn’t be certain and would feel foolish if she was wrong.

She took another sip of tea.

Returning it to the shop would solve the whole dilemma, let someone else figure it all out, but that seemed a bit mean. Besides, she’d wanted the book for ages and the cakes looked too delicious to pass up.

12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday – Half-Baked

  1. I loved the disclaimer part about raising demons from hell while also warning that some of the recipes may contain nuts!

    Great work Chris, I love the ambiguity of the ending. Will she try all of the book’s recipes and raise some sort of demon from hell?

  2. This was brilliant. I loved the dry, comic feel to it – it very much reminds me of Gaiman and Pratchett’s Good Omens. I can think of no higher praise than that!

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