April A to Z Challenge

It’s here! Hasn’t it come around fast? April’s already peeking through the curtains in preparation for this year’s big performance (hopefully better than 2013’s wash-out gig) and with it comes the start of the A to Z Challenge.

This is the first year I’ve participated in the challenge and thought I’d like to do something special. The coming month will feature my Dictionary of Tales, 26 stories, of 500 words or less, with a topic chosen by you, the readers.

The theme, I’m sure you recall, is:

Myth, Monsters and Legends

So pull up a chair and settle in…

8 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge

  1. Hey Chris! What an awesome idea for A to Z! Looking forward to what you write! I’m Cathy Olliffe-Webster and I’m one of Alex Cavanaugh’s minions for A to Z. Just want to say hi and see how you’re doing for the challenge – sounds like you’re way more organized than me! Have fun and hope to see you around!

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