Writer’s Block And Writing Prompts

I’m guest blogging on writer’s block over at H. M. Brooks Writes. Come and check it out…

H.M. Brooks Writes

This guest post is by Chris Musgrave. Chris is an urban fantasy and flash fiction writer. Follow Chris on his blog, chrismusgravewriter.com, and on Twitter (@feardorcha82).

Woo hoo, guest blog! Check out all this space. It’s so much nicer here than back at my place.



Okay, that’s enough of that…

Writer’s block (that sucked all the fun out, didn’t it?). Two words that instil fear into the hearts of writers the world over. Some say it’s a temporary state, some think it’s permanent and others don’t even believe in its existence. I don’t just believe it exists, I’ve suffered from it.

I struggled with writer’s block for five years whilst studying for my degree, and hated every minute of it (the writer’s block, not the degree…well, maybe the degree, but definitely the block). I couldn’t develop ideas beyond a basic concept. My writing didn’t flow, sounding stilted and forced. It got so…

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One thought on “Writer’s Block And Writing Prompts

  1. Wow… if there is ever a Twilight Zone revival, YOU are the man they should get to write the episodes. Now, can someone turn up the heat, please? I have this clammy, chill going up and down my body…

    Well done!

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