Monthly Round-Up – Feb 2014

Wow! Where did February go? I’m sure we’d only just left January. Anyway…

At the end of January, I did a little round-up of posts in the month that inspired me/made me chuckle/made me jealous (plenty of those). I like it so much (less work), I thought I’d do it again.

So, here goes:

Bethanie Hardie – The Hunted: a brief extract

A talented young writer specialising in Young Adult fiction. This post is an extract from the draft of her second book.

H. M. Brooks – Cast

Hesthermay’s debut into flash fiction definitely deserves to appear on this list. A clever little story that has the potential to be taken further. One of my favourites.

Trials of a wanna-be-published writer – Thoughts for Friday

Thoughts for Friday is regular feature of Heather’s blog but this post on the dedication and perseverance needed to become a writer (and not go mad…well, maybe a little mad) stood out.

Echoes of the Pen – Publishing Sites… Pt1

Paul takes a detailed look at the options available to Indie authors and those just wanting to get exposure for their work.

India Destinations – Most Mysterious Places in India that You Must Visit

Yeah, yeah, I know this was originally posted back in December but I found it in February so…Seriously, check this post out. The pictures alone are amazing.

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