Flash Fiction Friday – Reality Bites

He told me he made movies. I didn’t ask what kind.

I’ve realised that, these days, movie-maker types are all alike. No matter what genre they are purported to champion, the results are always the same: dark and seedy. But, their taste, and I’m talking in the most literal sense, is exquisite. There’s something about a twisted, angst-ridden soul that gives the blood a certain je ne sais quoi, makes it most palatable.

So, when he offered it as payment for a few hours in front of the lens, I couldn’t very well say no, could I? Anyway, he hadn’t specified how much blood I was entitled and there were three of them.

I admit, at first, the cameras were a little distracting but it wasn’t long before I learned to get used to them. They said they wanted to see the real me and to experience a typical night for a young, go-getting nosferatu around town. I promised not to disappoint.

We went first to the Meat Locker, a regular haunt, and I introduced them to more of my kind. Needless to say, the others were extremely jealous of my prize, begged me to share. I don’t feel bad for saying no; they wouldn’t have shared either.

After the Meat Locker, we went hunting. A little cat-and-mouse game, more for the camera than sustenance. I made it messy and gruesome; a little extra to boost the ratings. It was a waste but I didn’t mind – I would be dining later anyway.

When that first orange glow of dawn kissed the horizon, I asked them all back to my place for a nightcap. They were a little hesitant but I can be very persuasive and made it clear that I wouldn’t be eschewing my claim to the payment I’d been promised. I assured them that what they’d seen before had all been theatrics and whoever they offered was unlikely to feel a thing…maybe, just a tiny pin prick. Any protest died away before too long.

Once inside, I locked and bolted the doors. The noise wasn’t a concern; the apartment had been soundproofed long ago and, in neighbourhoods like mine, screams tended to go unheard. From down the hall came the muted sound of frantic whispers, likely the crew drawing lots, unaware of my intention to take everything. I was salivating.

I think they intended to film the feed because, when I opened the door, I found the camera upon a tripod flanked by two of the brightest LED lamps. The crew cowered in the darkness beyond; three silhouettes huddled together around their equipment. Like that would save them.

With a hiss and a show of teeth, I rushed forward. There was a glint of light off metal and, too late, I recognised a blade.

He told me he made movies. I didn’t ask what kind…

…maybe I should have.

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday – Reality Bites

  1. Fab story!!!! I like the twist at the end! Apparently it is a good idea to ask!! I have to say, I’m really enjoying reading these stories each week and everyone’s unique take on the prompts!! Maybe a self-published collection of stories is our futures!! TiV

    1. Thank you very much. The mix of stories we get from each prompt is wonderful. It fascinates me every week and I almost can’t wait for Wednesday to come around so I can read them all. I also second the collection idea.

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