Flash Fiction Friday – Betrayal

‘What do you mean she doesn’t work here anymore? Check it again, it’s Hargreaves with an ‘s’,’ I barked at the blonde behind the desk, not really knowing why. It wasn’t her fault my wife had lied to me, had been lying to me for the past month. I knew there’d been something different about her but just assumed it was the new promotion. Promotion? What a joke? She doesn’t even work here.

Blonde sighed, rolling her eyes ‘I’m sorry, sir,’ she chimed in that sing-song voice they all seem to have. ‘I knew your wife. She did work here but she was let off in the last round of cuts.’

I nodded at her, couldn’t have done anything else. My face was flush, not sure whether it was through anger or embarrassment. I could feel the heat spread across my skin.

How could she do this?

Why would she do this? Why would she lie? My stomach turned and I fought the urge to vomit. I staggered across the marble foyer, looking to all the world like some disgraceful drunk, head swimming.


The glass doors opened and soon I found myself outside in the freezing air. My legs buckled and I fell against the building’s façade feeling the chill of the stone through my clothes. It was soothing, coaxed me back to reality.

How could she do this?

Sure, the last few months had been hard on us. The last miscarriage, our ninth, had all but taken her from me, but we were working through it. We were starting to get it together, even booked our dream vacation; the one that’ll take us away from all this shit, the one to celebrate her promotion…

My glove felt wet and I cast a glance at the broken sandwich, crushed and broken in my hand: tuna mayo, her favourite. I threw it across the pavement. This was supposed to be a surprise…I just didn’t know that it would be me who’d get the shock.

How could she do this?

Where was she? She’d left the apartment at six, same as every day. She wasn’t at home, I’d just come from there and it was as empty as when I’d left at eight. Where was she? Where did she go every day if she wasn’t going to the office?

My stomach heaved again. Eyes stung. I was shaking but couldn’t have said if it was because of the cold or not. If she’d lost her job, she should have just told me. It would have been tough but we’d have worked it out. We could have done without the second paycheck for a while. We’d have just cancelled the trip.

The trip…

She’d booked it, paid for in cash, paid in full. I didn’t think about it at the time because of the promotion, but…

How could she do this?

And, where did she get all that cash…?

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