Please take a Moment…

When I first started writing this blog, I couldn’t have envisioned the level of positive response and comments my work would receive. The intention was for me share tips and tricks I’d picked up over twenty years of writing in the hope that others would avoid the same pitfalls.

It started as a resource for writers, flavoured with the odd piece of prose when I thought you weren’t looking (and an inspirational quote or two for when my mind drew a complete blank). None of this will change – even the fiction posts have their regular weekly spot.

What I do want to do is include things that you want to see and so I am asking for two things:

  1. as many responses to my poll as possible; and
  2. if you have any requests for tips, topics or questions you have a burning desire to ask, that you post them in the comments below, or send them via email or the contact form.

Thank you for your help.

4 thoughts on “Please take a Moment…

  1. I was reading the first draft of my current project and now am a bit upset that my characters don’t come across the way I want them to. That is definitely an issue I will be dealing with when it comes to the next step of my writing process. Maybe you could share your thoughts on crafting characters, etc.
    Yeah, all things characters would please me. 🙂

    1. Character creation is one thing I’ve never struggled with. My characters are usually the first things to arrive when I get the spark and I enjoy the process of fully discovering and breathing life into them.

      I like your suggestion and I’ll certainly cover this topic.

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