Writing Goals 2014

I originally scheduled this to run last Tuesday but, to my dismay, was pipped to the post (no pun intended) by Rose B. Fischer. Rather than appear as a deranged groupie, I thought I’d reschedule for today.

It didn’t feel like long ago that we were welcoming in the 2014 and now, with the beginning of February fast approaching, this year is most certainly underway. It promises to be a big one for me, but (as always) I need to put the work in. I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment, having recently crossed ‘start a blog’ off my to-do list.

So, what else is expected in 2014? What are my writing goals?

  • Complete the first draft of Harlequin: Fate of the Gods (working title);
  • Start the first draft of Harlequin: Ascension (book 2) ;
  • Successfully complete the 52 week flash fiction challenge set by Thain in Vain;
  • Draft and polish a few competiton pieces; and
  • I suppose that, now I have one, I really ought to keep my blog updated regularly.

There you go, my 2014 writing goals laid out for all to see. If this accomplishes nothing else, I’ll at least have my 2015 goals post already drafted – just need to cut and paste.

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